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Made by Forest presents

Raised by Krump

Raised by Krump is a 22-minute documentary film that explores the Compton/South Central, Los Angeles born dance movement called “Krumping”, and the lives of some of the area’s most influential and prolific dancers.

Raised by Krump blends the art of movement, music, and personal interviews together to tell the story of finding solace within an underground movement and the community that it creates. The film, directed by Swedish filmmaker Maceo Frost, focuses on how Krumping has helped the people of these neighborhoods deal with the emotional issues that come with growing up in one of L.A.’s toughest neighborhoods — a place where showing emotion is often considered a sign of weakness.

The film features an original music score composed by Almkvist, with additional music by Damon Frost and Tha Image.

I think Krump symbolizes every piece of what we went through growing up in our neighborhoods, from being chased by gangbangers to being harassed by the police for just being who we are and what we are. It was about us going through the shit that we just couldn't control anymore, and I feel that’ what birthed Krump. — Marquisa ”Miss Prissy” Gardner, co-founder of Krump

Made by Forest

Based in Los Angeles and Stockholm, Made by Forest is a creative studio that works with music, brands, and filmmakers to create entertaining and relevant content for discerning people.

Owned and run by Musician/DJ Steve Angello and former ACNE CEO Jesper Pålsson, the company’s mission is to generate strong creative ideas that have purpose and that are implemented in a non-interruptive manner.

All our projects are passion projects. Unconventional and handmade. Made by Forest.

Maceo Frost

Named after James Brown’s famous saxophone player, Maceo grew up during the ‘90s in the diverse suburbs of Stockholm, Sweden. With a genetical disposition for underground culture, Maceo was exposed to his non-conformist parents’ strict beliefs of keeping it real from day one. Having a skateboarder/artist mother and bay area dance legend/award winning music producer father he was told at an early age “you can do whatever you want in life on one condition, you have to be one of the best at it”.

It was soon after that he fell in love with filmmaking at age eleven and grew up being one of those kids that never really had to wonder what to do in life. Discovering computer animation during his teens helped him land his first Swedish Grammy nomination for “Best Music Video of the Year” for his school project at 19 years of age. With a natural rhythmical talent and understanding the art of movement Maceo believes that when combined, there is a golden ratio from which films can be made that makes 30 minutes pass by faster than a dolphin can swim.

With a passion for dance and skateboarding, expect a family affair when it comes to his work, often incorporating family members music production and dance skills. Nowadays Maceo travels the world directing short films, documentaries, music videos and commercials.


The Mill

The Mill is a world leading post-production studio with offices in Los Angeles, London, New York, and Chicago. Their award winning colorists bridge the gap between what is seen and what is felt in a filmmaker’s vision.


Lifelike is a digital development studio located in Stockholm, Sweden. They use creative technology to bring visions to life in the most efficient and inspiring way.


  • Christopher ”Worm” Lewis
  • Marquisa ”Miss Prissy” Gardner
  • Willie Chris ”Fudd” Hodge
  • Brenden Hodge
  • Lynnden Hodge
  • Tight Eyez

Crafted by:

Maceo Frost
Executive Producer
Jesper Pålsson
Filip Kiisk
Director of Photography
Robin Asselmeyer
Maceo Frost
Production Manager
Filippa Edenbro
Original Music Score
Additional Music
Damon Frost and Tha Image
Jorge Olivares, At The Lab Sweden
The Mill & Maceo Frost

Special thanks to:

  • Steve Angello
  • Manny X Fernandez
  • Saadiya Murphy
  • Assata Washington
  • Deidra Cooper
  • HB Reid
  • Joe Brown
  • T-Stop Camera Rental
  • Bwgtbld